Bicycles, Bicyclists, & Bicycling
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Accommodate a Bike at Work Week Gina Morey (2007)
Alienation and the Car Community by Jennifer Mann, PhD.(1998)
All the Little Lies They Tell You.... by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Almost Paradise by Ernst Poulsen (1997)
Along the Water by Robert Leone (2010)
Alpha and Omega: a Fixed-Gear Primer by Richard Risemberg (2009)
Autoholics Anonymous by Riley Geary (1997)
Bakfietsen to the Future! by Josef Bray-Ali (2008)
Basics of Wet Winter Riding by Scott Masson <(>2014)
Bicycle Clothing: for the Ride or for the Rider? by Ben Arie Swets (1997)
Bicycling, Health, and America by Beth Hamon (2006)
A Bicycling Life, by Jim Robinson (2007)
Bicycling and the Multiple Main Street Model by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Bicycling and Transit in Albuquerque by Patrick Moore (2007)
Bike Oven Heats Up in Northeast Los Angeles by Harv Woien (2006)
B.I.K.E.S by Riley Geary (1997)
Bike Racks: Round Up the Usual Suspects, by Robert Leone (2010)
Bike Sharing at the Plant or Office by Tony Collins (1999)
Bikes and the City by Richard Risemberg (2009)
Biking in Rubber Boots by Ellen Frankenstein (1997)
The Bottom Line Speaks by Richard Risemberg (2011)
Britain's National Cycle Network by Nick Williams (1997)
Bucking the Cycle by Richard Risemberg (2009)
Are Cars a Drug? by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Cherry Bombing Critical Mass by Sasha Gransjean (2010)
The Clock is Ticking by Michael Ayers (1998)
The Commute Variations by James Black (2009)
The Curious Case of the Fifty-Dollar Bicycle by Gina Morey (2006)
Cutting Car Use by Simon Baddeley (2000)
Cycling in Hanoi: Can the Past Become the Future? by Debra Efroymson (2008)
Cycling in Los Angeles by Richard Risemberg (2009)
Cycling and the Professional Image, by Kern Trembath, PhD.(1998)
Cycling and Service by Kern R. Trembath (1998)
Cycling for Slackers by Tony Collins (1999)
The Dangers of Cycle Paths by Ian Fiddies (2008)
Dawn Patrol by Richard Risemberg (1998)
Do We Really Need Bikepaths? by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Don't Hurry, Be Happy by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Evolution of a Bicyclist by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Fourth Street: Boulevard of Broken Wheels by Richard Risemberg 2008
Freedom of Wheel (2001)
How To Bicycle Tour Without Really Trying by Gina Morey (2007)
How Green Is Green? by Maynard Hershon (1998)
A Report from Holland by John Ciccarelli (1998)
How to Spend the Public's Money editorial (1997)
Lessons Learned in Europe by Eric Britton (2009)
The Long Way Round by Richard Risemberg (1998)
A Long Way to Go by Jane Skinner (2000)
The Lubes Blues by Richard Risemberg (1997)
My City Is Mine, Thanks to my Wheels by Debra Efroymson (2006)
A Modest Proposal by Kevin Pfeiffer (2000)
Noisy Load by Richard Briones-Coleman (2000)
Park It for Them, and They'll Come: a Bike Valet Primer by Robert Leone 2010
The Pedicab Chronicles 1: Three Goldilocks, One Bare (2012)
The Pedicab Chronicles 2: Dazed and Confused (2012)
The Perfect Choice by Livia Ross (1997)
Portland 2010: Both More and Less than Paradise by Richard Risemberg (2010)
In Praise of Fixies by Richard Risemberg (2006)
The Pump Guardian by Ben Arie Swets (1997)
Return of the Prodigalized Bicycle by Bill Mendell (2013)
The Road to Carfreedom, Part 1 by Paul Fox (2007)
The Road to Carfreedom, Part 2 by Paul Fox (2008)
Safety in Numbers by Richard Risemberg (2008)
The Safety Paradox by Ian Fiddies (2007)
Security by Dana Ross (1997)
The Silk Purse Project by Richard Risemberg (2008)
A Singular Passion by Harv Woien (2011)
In the Slow Lane by Richard Risemberg (1997)
Smile When It Rains by Elena Margo (2000)
So Why Ride a Bicycle? by Dion Dangzalan (2008)
The Sounds of Silence: Riding while Deaf by Dr. John Christiansen (2013)
Spinning to Work by Dr. Jennifer Mann (1998)
Sprawl, Mega-Roads, and Cycling by Mighk Wilson (1998)
Tale of Two Bike Racks by Robert Leone (2010)
A Taste of Paradise by Debra Efroymson (2013)
Third World Wheeling by Patrick A. Moore (2006)
Of Time, and Love, and My First Bicycle by Ben Arie Swets (1997)
Trailer Treasure by Patrick David Barber (2006)
Velcro® Madness by Robert Leone (2011)
Very Special Delivery by Jim Gregory (1997)
The View from Downtown: Interview with LADOT's Michelle Mowery by Richard Risemberg (2010)
The Voyageur by Bob Allen (2007)
The Wet Look by Richard Risemberg (1997)
What If We Loved Our Kids More Than Our Cars? by Debra Efroymson 2006
What Is Traffic and What Should We Do About It? by Richard Risemberg (May, 1998)
What the World Needs Now.... by Doug Fattic (2006)
Wire Wheels, Wired World by Simon Baddeley (2001)
The Wheels of Perception by P. M. Summer (2001)
Why I Ride by Matthew Wierson (2009)
You Can Ride but You Can't Park by Robert Leone (2011)