Sustainability Resources
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Tired of relentless commercial lying? Find out how to resist at Adbusters.

American Public Transit Association
A wealth of information about public transit. Especially compelling is the report on how proximity to rail transit increases property values everywhere.

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
Members include leaders in the engineering, planning, landscape architecture, safety and promotion fields who specialize in improving conditions for bicycling and walking. The association also welcomes academics, students, and professional advocates who are committed to making bicycling and walking viable transportation options in the United States.

Bring Your Own
Our society is as addicted to throwaway plastics as it is to fossil fuel transport. This website shows you ways to opt out of the plastic consumption paradigm. Focusses particularly on those mundane but envrionmentally devastating everyday items, plastic grocery bags and McForks and McSpoons.

Nader Khalili, inspired by the vernacular architecture of his native Persia, has designed and built rammed-earth and other earth construction edifices that are beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient, and more earthquake-resistant than standard housing. Visit his demonstration village, just a few miles from the San Andreas Fault, through this comprehensive website.

Non-profit corporation that lists sites in your US neighborhood where you can drop off cell phones and all rechargeable batteries for recycling.

Carfree Cities
Learn about the car-free cities of the future--and the present. Covers new cities as well as conversions of exisiting cities to carfree designs, provides quarterly reports on political and technical developments, and introduces the concept of metro freight.

Everyday citizens from all walks of life who strongly desire to push automobiles to the fringes of our lives and reap the numerous personal and global benefits of carfree living.

Centre for Human Ecology
Scotland-based institute that aims to empower individuals, communities, and organisations through "integrating ecological understanding with the wealth and values of the Scottish and other intellectual traditions which combine a democratic community grounding with an inclusive international sense of identity."

CEOs for Cities
"With our national network of mayors, corporate CEOs, university presidents, foundation officials and business and civic leaders, we act as an idea lab for cities. It's our job to take a fresh look at cities and make the most of their assets by building new leadership partnerships around urban innovations." Stresses these four concepts: the Talented City, the Innovative City, the Connected City, and the Distinctive City.

Chasing Green
Provides a growing compendium of articles, tips, and resources for living a greener life in civilized comfort.

Culture Change
Formerly the Auto Free Times, a publication of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, now it goes farther afield and covers the effects of all society, not just car culture, and how we can make our lives better. Operated by former oil industry analyst Jan Lundberg.

eDesign Online
From the Florida Design Initiative; excellent section on sustainability.

A Southern California couple moved to the mountains and gradually evolved a carfree lifestyle. They tell their story here.

Edible Weeds
Eat dandelions! (Well, the greens, at least.) Make that damn lawn useful! Lots of good stuff in them, and they're everywhere. Free food!

Energy Hog
Operated by the Alliance to save Energy in Colorado and sponsored by groups ranging from the US Department of Eenrgy, the Ad Council, and numerous state governments, Energy Hog provides checklists, tips, and hints on saving household energy. Includes a kids' section.

A comprehensive site comprising links, a well-organized bulletin board, and more.

Green Restaurant Association
Researches and devises environmental standards for the restaurant industry and recommends environmentally-gentle products and procedures for restaurant use. Certifies and lists restaurants.

Indie Bound
Find reads at your local independent bookstore, or order online from a community brick-and-morter bookshop somewhere else if your 'hood doesn't have one.

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
ITDP programs focus on bus rapid transit, congestion pricing, pedestrianization, bicycle and pedestrian planning, brownfield revitalization, bicycle and cycle rickshaw modernization, the development of buyers' cooperatives among independent bicycle dealers, and emerging work in health service delivery logistics.

Invisible Trajectories
A long-term project striving to map the previously uncharted: the vast stretch of urban settlement known as California's Inland Empire and the obscure pathways utilized by its mobile citizens. The stories presented here are derived from a series of interwoven, overlapping, and intricately linked journeys. The stories are told by a group of urban travelers, their hosts, and guides, who have surveyed the vast Empire on foot and bicycle with occasional excursions undertaken via bus and automobile.

Momentum Planet
The "magazine for self-propelled people" strives to "reflect and amplify bike culture," and does a damn fine job of it too. Even covers cargo bikes! Out of Vancouver, Canada.

New Urbanism
Good overview of New Urbanist principles in an attractive website.

NYC Streets Renaissance
In their own words: "Streets are more than just car corridors; they are valuable civic spaces and resources that need to be wisely allocated. The New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign is building the movement to re-imagine our streets as lively public places."

Orion Magazine
One of the most thoughtful voices considering the environment and our place in it. The link goes directly to the most important article we have read recently, Jeffry Kaplan's "The Gospel of Consumption." You can access the rest of the magazine from there.

Pedestrian Culture
A portal for place-based research and creative projects, focused primarily on the humble and revolutionary act of walking.

Progress Report
Clippings, articles, a forum, and links examining tax structures and subsidy practices worldwide, with a special emphasis on their relation to pollution, sustainability, and urban design. Green taxes, corporate welfare, economic justice, Congressman Henry George's land rent program, and much much more.

Reclaim the Streets!
Probably the most radical pro-community group around, they call themselves a "disorganization" and are dedicated to nonviolent direct action against the destruction of public space and the commons. One particularly good article is André Gorz's "The Social Ideology of the Motorcar."

Subtitled "The Worst Places in the World," Sprol shows the "visual macroscopic effects of the decisions and behavior of our society." Articles illustrated by satellite imagery and aerial photography.

Transportation Alternatives
5500-member NYC-area non-profit citizens group working for better bicycling, walking, and public transit, and fewer cars.

Travelin' Local
Travelin' Local's mission is to recognize that there are always specific customs, neighborhoods, people, architecture, nature, and other day to day life experiences right nearby in Southern California, that are often taken for granted.

Clever, hip, and serious all at once, Treehugger offers articles, videos, contests, product links, books, and more, tying together well-thought out technologies and paradigms for sustainable living. In their own words: "TreeHugger is a fast-growing web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible. Our goal is to make sustainability mainstream and to be the one-stop for the environment."

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Papers and statistics covering all aspects of transportation policy, including automobile subsidies, transit benefits, and more. Hard data to back up your arguments.

A handy little online app that calculates the walkability of a neighborhood--good for comparative analyses, or if you're looking for a good place to move to.

With the Grain
Superb resource on community, planning, land use, and taking action.