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05/18/2011: "Pre-Summer Sale"
With Spring still barely able to break loose from winter's soggy grip, and the economy likewise mired in recession, we've decided to do us all a favor and lower our knickers for a, wait a second, I mean lower our knicker prices for a while. Till June 6th, in fact.

All our Classic Wool Knickers and City Knickers v2.0 will be just $109.00 till next month.

The Classics are elegant and supremely comfortable, great for commuting to work or going out on the town--or just on a happy ride in the clearing spring weather--and the more casual City Knickers are fit for commuting, pub crawling, group rides, walking, or just hanging short, for anything you want to do where you'd prefer to look great and feel comfortable. And we still have some City Knickers available in ultra-tough hemp blend as well. They've been used on tours as well!

So check them out, along with our other bike-friendly (and eye-friendly!) products, on our shopping page.

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