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Bicycle Fixation has been in existence in its various incarnations since 1997, and receives a steady traffic of readers interested in bicycling, urban life, sustainability, and general environmentalism. If you have a website or business dedicated to bicycling or sustainability and offering goods or services that support these interests, you can be sure that an ad placed here will be seen by people who are looking for what you offer.

Traffic to the site averages 30,000 unique visits per month--all of them from people interested in urban bicycling, bike touring, and sustainable cities. They will see your ad, since, as we note below, we don't clutter the site with banners but allow just one per page.

We offer only tile ads in the upper right corner of each page. These ads rotate automatically, so that each page load calls up a new ad. Tiles are 160 pixels wide by 200 pixels high and always loads into this premium location.

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We also offer banner design as a service.

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Who Is Our Audience?
our audience is a self-selected group of people from all over, people who are deeply involved with:

What Can You Offer Them?
They may be looking for:

Their numbers are growing day by day as the realization sinks in that there are better ways to live. Day by day, more of them are coming to Bicycle Fixation to share and to learn. And they are looking for you.