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05/20/2011: "CalTrans Bike Exhibit in Downtown Los Angeles"
Although I could never find out when it was going to open--it sort of just did--and no one seems to be sure when it will close, I still recommend dropping by the CalTrans building kittycorner form City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles if you can. They've put up a very good exhibit on urban bicycling in LA, including some very old historic photos, photos of current bike infrastructure (including a few by Bicycle Fixation), videos, posters, equipment and magazines, and of course bicycles. Really very nicely done!

To whet your appetite--or in case you can't go, or aren't in LA--I'll post some snapshots below.

Photos of current bikeways treatments, and police and fire department bicycles behind them.

Street design, bike sharing, analysis, brochures.

Historical photos, gear and magazines, and Dutch bike display.

New bike parking regulations, and more analysis.

Guidelines for bicycle boulevards--ironically, these are from the Minneapolis Department of Public Works!

Another view of the room.

Dutch bikes courtesy of our pals at Flying Pigeon LA.

CalTrans District Seven HQ, aka the Squatting Robot; LADOT also has its offices there.

The exhibit is in the building's "museum," a display space just behind the guard station in the lobby. You don't need to sign in to see it, and there are bike racks right in front as well as in the underground parking cavern.

It may be up till the end of the month--or it might not be. No one seems to know. Go soon if you can! The official address is 100 S. Main St. Open office hours.

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