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05/16/2011: "Bio-Logical, and Right Purty Too"
For months, a little stretch of the Ballona Creek bike path--which I use rather frequently to get to the marina area--was blocked for construction. A bit annoying to have to detour--the creekside path is fast and quiet, with no car traffic and no at-grade crossings--but now that it's done it feels really worthwhile.

Culver City--which is where this portion of the path lies--repaved and landscaped the path and installed a native plant garden and bioswale there--the latter feature serving to capture and cleanse runoff from the adjacent schoolyard.

Yesterday it was looking particularly good, as the flowers were blooming wildly under a brilliant blue spring sky.

Take a look:

Bioswale alongside bike path, Culver City

Southern California riding at its most pleasant today, despite the cold wind.

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