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09/07/2010: "One Step at a Time"
Nearly a year ago I posted a complaint about my local Trader Joe's market, which had installed an almost unusable bike rack that was not only placed so close to a curb as to prevent an effective lockup, but which was all too often blocked by pallets, carts, and planters left there by store employees as well as careless customers. This, though I had gone out of my way to provide them a copy of the APBP's bike parking guidelines, as you can see in my original post.

Well, it took them only a year, but they came around. Gina went there today and took a couple of iPhone pix before she went in to shop, and here they are:

tjrack_01 (153k image)

tjrack_02 (163k image)

Nicely done, and eminently usable!

I still had to move junk out of the way before I could park last time I went by, but I can live with that.

At last, real racks, well placed, and with enough room to lock, unlock, and load up your panniers or baskets.

Third and La Brea; check it out, buy a little something, and let them know how glad you are they finally made the bike parking easier.

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