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09/08/2010: "City Knickers Back in Town!"
It's been a while, but we squeezed enough capital out of a moribund economy to make a run of our City Knickers v2.0!

This is our more casual design, perfect for picnic rides, laid-back tech offices, visiting relatives, shopping, or just about anything else except looking formal. (And we offer our Classic Wool Knickers for that.)

No gusset or buttons at the knee, just a removable cinch cord and a couple of darts to help it bend. Two version now: wool gabardine in True Black, and hemp in Urban Gray. The hemp cloth we used this time is much improved over the original run; it's now a twill weave blended with 23% polyester--and the polyester comes from recycled beverage bottles!

The hemp is definitely heavier than the wool but still drapes nicely once broken in a bit, and is very comfortable. It's also one of the toughest cloths we've seen, and can take a lot of wear and tear without wearing or tearing.

The wool is, as our wool always is, among the most comfortable weaves you'll ever put next to your skin, and still very strong; it drapes beautifully (and is the same wool we use on our elegant Classics).

We've already snagged one for ourselves. Get yours while you've got the chance!

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