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02/05/2009: "Another Busy Week...."
Another busy week, with more appointments away from home than usual...of course, that just means more excuses to ride!

A gratifying side effect of all this was people asking about my rides and expressing interest in trying bike transit themselves. And, of course, seeing lots of other riders out on the roads--not Spandex Superhero types, but folks in ordinary clothes riding bikes to get somewhere. There's hope for this old world yet....

Speaking of the more extraordinary of ordinary clothes, we'll soon be ordering material for our summer shorts, a brand-new product that I've been testing extensively in these unseasonably warm January days here in SoCal. These will be made of a blend of hemp and a thread made from recycled plastic beverage bottles. It''s tough and comfortable and looks pretty good. People who see them keep asking when they'll be out...the answer is, in about six weeks. That's them in the picture, of on it to see a bigger version.

The little pocket will have some sort of faster, probably Velcro.

We've put lots and lots of miles on wearing these. We don't even like shorts as a general rule, but we end up wearing them all the time, on and off the bike, except when we have to look dressier, when our City or Classic knickers are the only choices!

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