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02/01/2009: "Mythical Fixster Footers Spotted in Wild"
So finally, for the first time ever, despite my immersion in fixed gear hipster culture in Los Angeles, I finally spotted what I had thought to be a mythical creature, the Fixie-Pushing Hipster!

There they were, three of them, on Silver Lake Boulevard, pushing immaculate paradigmatical fixies towards the ever-hip environs of Sunset Boulevard in the Silverlake district. In fact it appears that they had brought their fixies there in their cars!

Considering that I was on the homeward leg of a hilly 65-mile fixed-gear ride (which subsumed Chuck Schmidt's wonderful Rose Bowl Ride), I should have been more dismayed than I was.

However, these were the first three I'd ever seen engaged in this supposedly widespread activity. And we did pass several fixsters actually riding their bikes afterwards.

So they exist. But they aren't the majority.

Rather silly to push a bike when it's so much pleasure to ride one!

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