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02/05/2009: "Recession Special: Hemp Ninja Hoodie Closeout"
Just in time for yet another economic downturn, we are cutting the price on the hemp & organic cotton version of our Four Season Jersey, AKA the Ninja Road Warrior Jersey. This is our versatile hooded jersey with integrated balaclava for really cold weather. The hemp/cotton version is a soft black, almost a charcoal, and very comfortable, though with a more restricted temperature range than the light and luxurious merino wool version. Still a wonderful garment; I've worn hemp & cotton nearly every day in California this winter.

So no need to be chilled while you're chillin'! Check out our Four Season Jersey page, and try our hemp & organic cotton version for only $99.00. (And if you feel brave, we still have some merino versions left....) The picture showing the back of the jersey shows the hemp/cotton fabric as well.

Hemp in sizes XS, S, and M; merino in XS and S only.

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