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12/04/2008: "At Least They're Thinking of Us...."
Back on November 13th, I wrote about my concern that, when LADOT removed the traditional parking meters from Larchmont Boulevard in favor of pay stations, we would lose the majority of the bicycle parking there.

Larchmont is a one-block, village-like shopping street that really is a neighborhood hangout, as close as you get to a town square in Los Angeles. And many, many visitors arrive by bike. Since my mother lives near there, I'm at Larchmont quite often, and I go, alone, or with Gina, or to meet friends, quite frequently.

I'd written to our council member, and had heard from his office that they were indeed hoping to compensate for the loss of bicycle parking. The "hoping" part had me worried, though.

But now I read in the Larchmont Chronicle that they are definitely going to install more bike racks for us!

Whether they're going to use the clever slip-on devices that convert former parking meter poles into bike racks such as Seattle is installing, I don't know, but "new racks will be installed," according to the paper's quote of Tom LaBonge.

Since this is hardly the time to be making bicycle transportation less convenient, this is good news. Small steps such as these will take us far, in time.

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