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11/28/2008: "Trevor Wong update"
Now that I have a bike with a pop-top stem, I can play a bit with handlebars. And so, here's a photo of Trevor Wong, my "Pseudobecane" fixie project, wearing a pair of cut-down Nitto B-603 "Promenade" handlebars:

As you can see, even cut down, the Promenades are audaciously long. (We removed about two inches when they were on Gina's "Milk Runner" project.) I'm not sure what Nitto's market is for these, since even cut down they are too long for me; I rarely have my hands on the straight part of the bars.

Nevertheless, I'm trying them out, as I wish to put wither a porteur-type rack or a basket on the front end of this bike, and the drops and bullhorns I prefer would interfere with a bulky load--after carrying a microwave oven in a messenger bag a couple of weeks ago, I decided I really really wanted an alternative for bulky loads. I'm not sure that these bars are that alternative, but they're okay for now.

I've been looking at some French-style narrow cruiser bars that Velo-Orange sells, thinking to mount them upside-down. (I truly dislike an upright seating position; it's really uncomfortable for the distances and speeds I ride.) They call them the "Montmartre" bars, and since I lived in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris for a few months they have sentimental associations as well as a promising shape. If they don't work out, it'll back to drops or bullhorns, either of which I can live with on all-day rides. We'll see how it all goes....

To read more about Trevor's provenance, see the Silk Purse Project.

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