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12/06/2008: "Back to Drops...."
Well, I tried 'em--I didn't like 'em. Sweptback bars (see the November 28th entry) have never been comfortable for me, nor has an upright (or even semi-upright) riding posture. So I went back to drops on Trevor Wong, although I did spring for a shorter stem to fine-tune the cockpit.

I hope still to experiment a bit with different bars--that pop-top stem, ugly as it is, does make that easy: no more retaping when you swap! But I suspect I might not. Eventually ya just gotta stop fiddling and start riding, don't ya?

So that's what I did today, after swapping the old Nitto B115s back in. Much more comfortable than the Promenades had ever been for me!

Now I've got to get around to mounting the Tubus Fly rack on it and seeing how it handles panniers. Should do all right. Then there's that front basket to play with, if Gina doesn't take it for her town bike. I'd prefer a front rack, but that's out of budget for the nonce.

And eventually, I want to find a trailer for Trevor--a two-wheeled cargo trailer, for rag biz runs and general toting of stuff. Preferably one from Bikes at Work, but at this point anything that can haul rolls of wool and boxes of finished knickers will have to do.

Of course we'll let you know what we come up with.

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