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11/06/2008: "James Black Hats Back in Stock!"
And you thought the election was big news!

I just pedaled downtown and picked up a fresh batch of James Black hats in dark charcoal wool gabardine, sizes Large and Extra large. So if you've got a pressing need to warm your noggin and still look great whilst doing so, click on over to Bicycle Fixation and see what we can do for you:

The James Black Hat ($29.00)

We will also be releasing in a very short time a small run of the hats in forest green wool gab--same material as the forest green City Knickers we had a while ago. But not quite yet, okay?

Hemp hats are permanently out of production; they are just too hard to sew straight. We have a number of mediums left, but they arre irregulars (mostly a slightly crooked seam in front):

Irregulars ($18.50)

Works with or without a helmet, in warm weather or cool. And always looks great!

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