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11/05/2008: "Poor Man's Path Racer, Part III"
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Received the much-nicer threadless stem from Carla a couple of days ago and immediately swapped it in, then taped up the bars. Still have to work on the fenders and rack, but that won't take long. I hope to be done by the weekend.

Took the much-maligned but really rather handsome bike out for a spin yesterday, a little post-voting ride to South Pasadena to visit with Velo-Retro's Chuck Schmidt to show off this entirely non-retro bike, and to distract myself from fears (fortunately groundless!) of yet another stolen election.

Trevor (the orange one's name; see my earlier entries Part I and Part II below) behaved impeccably. He's not a slingshot, the way my dear Bottecchia is, but more of a solid-citizen type--but we still made good time on the 38-mile round trip.

Can't complain. The Cheap Frame Project is a success. Expect a complete article, with lots of pictures, in a week or two!

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