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04/19/2008: "Getting Loaded...."
No, not what you think, though I was having a local microbrew ale at Pure Luck, the vegan bicyclist's pub on the same corner as Orange 20 Bikes and the Bicycle Kitchen. What I mean was bikes carrying big loads, such as this Xtracycle rig that pulled up whilst I was chowing down on my fried spring rolls:

Xtracycle at Pure Luck (79k image)

Yes, it was carrying a guitar, a chair, and a backpack, and possibly more...but that, though impressive, did not amuse me as much as the fellow who rode up to the Kitchen on his bike...carrying another entire bike strapped to his messenger bag, and looking quite comfortable for all that! (He had removed the wheels and strapped them closer to the center of the load, but still!)

Nothing we didn't know could be done, you and I, but it's good to see it becoming closer to routine.

While the dustbin-of-history types are taking food out of the mouths of Third World babies to fuel their cars, at least someone somewhere in this self-centered, self-defeating nation is using their imagination, not only to "save the planet," but to live a passionate life connected with the earth.

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