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04/23/2008: "Enduring Value"
lygie (90k image)When I go to the Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax here in LA (this is a seven-day-a-week market), I usually park in the much less interesting adjacent mall, simply because, in the mall's parking structure, there are numerous and much better bike racks--you can't actually use a U-lock in the racks the Farmer's Market provides.

So I bought my (mostly local) vegetables and headed back to the bike to go to my next appointment, when I saw a venerable gentleman locking this chrome bike up next to my Green Gopher.

Well, I had to chat him up a bit, for the bike was an ancient Lygié, beautifully lugged, with what looked like the original chainguard and fenders, and a single toptube-mounted shifter.

The fellow had had it for thirty years, and both he and it had endured on the streets of LA!

Just made me happy to see, so I figured to stick it on the blog here. (And I promise, I'll start carrying my real camera around; this has been happening all too often to leave to the Crappy Cell Phone Cam.)

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