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04/16/2008: "The Green Gopher at Work"
Took the Green Gopher, my '84 Trek 610 fixie portage bike, downtown today on a buying trip for the next run of City Knickers (due in a month or so), and couldn't help taking some cellphone shots of the poor critter bearing an absurd burden of pocket lining, elastic, zippers, fusing, and an old Pasela tire I dropped off later at the Bicycle Kitchen for them to give away to some impecunious but dedicated rider....

Ah, the power of bungee cords!

gopher_garment_1 (74k image)

gopher_garment_1 (74k image)

And here he is getting a well-deserved rest in a corner of the factory office:

gopher_garment_1 (74k image)

It was a wobbly ride, but we made it! Cheers!

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