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12/31/2012: "Happy New Year!"
Happy New Year...or at least one of so many new year's days...! They're spread out form September (Jewish New Year) through March (Persian), with the Chinese still to come and the Western conventional one, of course, tonight.

The real day, of course, is the Winter least in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess today is the Business & Politics New Year's eve, but it'll do. It was a beautiful calm clear day in Southern California, though Gina and I are both still nursing colds or flus or whatever it is that we've got, and my only bicycle ride was to the farmers market in search of greens and roots. After dark, though, we strolled to the museum and had drinks and designer pizza in the courtyard, very nice.

And tomorrow I'll probably ride around a mostly deserted Downtown and see the first of January in among the skyscrapers.

I wish us all worthwhile labor, attentive love, openhearted friendship, and honest colleagues in whatever we face for 2013 and beyond.

And plenty of good bike rides to keep us dancing with gravity.

Happy New Year!

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