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12/08/2012: ""Sierra Club Edition" Bike from Public"
The Sierra Club has collaborated with Public Bikes in San Francisco on a special-edition bicycle available from now till December 25th only. Sierra Club members receive a discount on purchase, and a portion of the proceeds go back to the Club. To quote the Cub's Kelly Kirchner:
I am so proud to introduce the first-ever, limited time only, custom Sierra Club bike by PUBLIC. With custom green color and accents, the Sierra Club logo and tagline, it's like wearing your eco-pride on your ride. Available in two different frame styles (diamond or step-through) and designed with both form and function in mind, these European-inspired road bikes are not only chic but they're also sturdy and ride like butter.

The good news? Sierra Club members receive a 10% discount off the $595 sticker price (psst, that's more than the cost of a Sierra Club membership!) and a portion of the proceeds comes back to support the Sierra Club mission to "explore, enjoy and protect the planet." So, if you or your readers are looking for a gift that gives back, look no further.

The bad news? There's a limited time left to order. The Sierra Club bike is available to order on the PUBLIC website through December 25, 2012 for delivery in June 2013.

We hope you"re inspired by our project and can help us spread the word in the last few weeks before the offer is gone forever—because the less cars and more bikes on the road, the better.
See them here.

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