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04/15/2012: "CicLAvia Again!"
Rode CicLAvia again today...that's LA's take on the famous ciclovías of Bogotá, Colombia. Theirs has been going on for nearly forty years; ours for but two. But you've got to start somewhere!

And started we have: despite Los Angeles being the Ground Zero of Carmageddon, the "Sultan of Sprawl," as I once called it, it seems that its denizens are not so totally car-addicted as legend (and propaganda) would have it. Attendance was expected to be in the six digits again, and nary a frown was sighted, at least not by me, as I rode from all four main hubs--South LA, Boyle Heights, the central plaza, and East Hollywood--and traversing my favorite part, the Fourth Street Bridge over the river and railroad tracks, some six times.

On the way I met up with bike pals and fellow advocates Josef Bray-Ali of Flying Pigeon LA, Severin, and Chris Kidd (the latter now working in Oakland), and a few others. And took a few snapshots, which you'll see below.

A beautiful ride, a beautiful day, and a city whose beauty was visible at last during these few car-free hours....

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