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04/02/2012: "Topwear Coming Soon"
Keep an eye on the website for a new product coming in the next few weeks. We've just started checking with our supplier of merino knits in New Zealand, as well as our downtown Los Angeles factory, to prepare for a run of either T-shirts or jerseys as soon as we can arrange it.

The T-shirts will be lightweight knit merino, of course, with a subtle V-neck that will give them a touch of elegance even if worn alone, for summer riding, and of course they will make excellent base layers in the other three seasons. The cut will be, but will not look, cycling-specific, and the samples have been among the most comfortable shirts I've ever put on my back, as well as sharp-looking.

If we do the jersey (with luck we'll be able to do both), it will be a mandarin-collar version of our beloved Four-Season Jersey, aka the Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie. But without the hood! I've been wearing the sample for years now (the recession interrupted our plans to release it), and have practically worn it out; there's nothing I've tried that comes close for comfort and versatility. I'm wearing a sample in the photo.

Either one is a must-have for those of us who want to Look Good, Feel Good, and Ride Happy!

Meanwhile, if you don't want to wait, check out our shopping cart for current inventory! The hat, knix, and sox you see in the photo are all available, as are special wool cleaners, bells, and T-shirts.

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