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10/12/2011: "Stitching the River, Fall 2011 Edition (No.6)"
stitching_08 (95k image)Back by popular demand!

Yes, increasing numbers of friends, colleagues, and readers have been "reminding" me that it's been too long since I led one of Bicycle Fixatian's much-loved "Stitching the River" rides.

So here you are: we will be riding across all the classic bridges crossing the Los Angeles River in downtown LA between Broadway and Olympic on Sunday, October 23rd. Meetup's at 10:30am, and we'll roll at 11:00.

This is a short ride of fourteen to sixteen miles that takes place entirely on open city streets in and around downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights. There are some short but steep climbs, there may be traffic, and some of the roads are rough, but you will see the River and downtown as you never have before. (Unless, of course, you have been on any of our previous rides!)

We'll meet in Chinatown's Central Plaza, by the statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, and will stitch our way back and forth over classic Art Deco bridges, some of which are threatened with demolition in the next few years. The ride is easily accessible by Metro's Gold Line (Chinatown Station) or Red Line (Union Station) trains, or by bike; car access is a little more problematical but can be done, but the parking lots and structures, though numerous, are not immediately apparent. There is plenty of bus service as well. Here's a map.

This is a social ride, neither fast nor political, and all participants are responsible for their own safety. Dress well (it may be hot), keep an eye on the road, and ride politely. We will obey all CVC regulations, including actually stopping at red lights, and may pull over for photo opportunities, mechanicals, short lectures on local features, to regroup, or simply because someone is tired. Sturdy tires are recommended; aside from that, anything goes: cruisers, road bikes, fixies, custom randonneuses, whatever you got. So long as you can handle a few short climbs on it.

Past results do not guarantee future perfomrance, but the ride has always drawn a great bunch of folks.

Use our comments page if you have any questions.

And, this being Los Angeles, rain cancels....

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