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10/13/2011: "We Review the Public D1"
For a long time, we've wanted to review a cheap, classic city bike, so when we decided to go to the Bay Area for Gina's birthday (she was working on a project up there) and to take photographs for an upcoming article in Cycling Mobility, we contacted Public Bikes, which is headquartered in San Francisco. They promptly arranged for the loan of a D1, their base-model bike, which I proceeded to ride around SF, Sausalito, Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley in search of photos.

Though the bike was never meant for such extensive riding, it performed quite well, and I had little to complain about. I rode it over, through, or into hills, wind, a spot of rain, ferryboats and BART, hotel elevators, and (of course) cold and fog, and left it locked all over various towns, and it soldiered on steadfastly.

Read the full review here.

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