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06/17/2011: "Fashion Cycles"
GapBike07Mar11_sm (75k image)I thought I would save Rick the effort this time and make this post myself. Has any of you noticed the blush of bicycles appearing in shop windows recently? Not bike shops, but other retailers. Big ones. Since last fall we have seen a bicycle in the window of Gap, Anthropologie, Club Monaco and Tommy Bahama. We were pleased to see it even if, as in one case, the forks were mounted backwards. But was it a local trend or something bigger?

It turns out that the trend is nationwide and was picked up by the radio program, Marketplace. You can read the transcript and see their brief slide slow.

At the end of the segment, reporter Andrea Bernstein concludes, "Except that next year, the retailers we spoke with said they'll be off bikes, and on to the next big thing."

Will she be right? Yes, inevitably on to the next big thing. It is up to us to make sure that bicycles are (and remain) "the next big thing." Anthropologie, you might want to start thinking about a line of handlebar bags. -- Yes, you can work in a strap for a scented candle if you want.

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