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06/20/2011: ""Double Dip" Sale"
With the economy in a double-dip recession for everyone except the Bailout Bandits, we have decided to reprise our pre-season sale. We have lowered prices prices on our Classic Wool Knickers and City Knickers v2.0 for the summer! (Or till we run out of stock on the current inventory.)

So for the next several weeks, you can buy fine wool gabardine or hemp blend knickers for only $112 (plus shipping), fine riding pants that will serve you well on long rides or short, in the dead of winter or in summer's heat.

No need to look shabby on your commute, your shopping trip, or your weekend joyride! And you'll be as elegant off the bike as on.

We also have extra-long socks to go with your knickers, as well as handy hats, clever bells, and of course Kookaburra Wash to keep your duds clean and soft.

And don't forget a few clearance items, including Four Season Jerseys and Town & Country Shorts (the last two being in very short supply).

Check them all out in our shopping cart!

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