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02/20/2011: "Birthday Ride on Sunday"
Next Sunday is my birthday, and I am planning a birthday ride as is my habit. Naturally, you are invited!

So here's the tentative plan:
There will be some hills, but nothing outrageous, and there will be a huge variety of landscape and architecture to gaze upon, including (probably) the LA River seen from the newest section of bike path. We'll be passing through several distinctively different parts of Los Angeles. The food will be good. The pace will be set by a middle-aged man on a fixed-gear.

This being LA, rain will cancel, though I'll take some kind of ride myself anyway. But the weather will probably be dryish and cool enough for a mostly no-sweat ride.

If you're interested, please let me know through our comments page. If there's a biggish turnout I may have to alert the restaurants.

Looking forward to it!

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