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08/02/2010: "Sox & City Knix Back Soon"
Good news for non-naked riders: we are awaiting a fresh batch of Knicker Socks, which are being knitted at this very moment and should be here before the end of the month.

Not only that, but the downtown LA factory is busy stitching up a run of our City Knickers v2.0, due around the same time!

The city knickers will be available in both wool gabardine and the same sturdy hemp and recycled polyester blend that makes our Town & Country Shorts so comfortable and long-lasting.

We haven't offered the City Knickers for a long time now, and are really looking forward to seeing them again. (And snagging a pair for ourselves!

We'll put the City Knickers page back up as soon as they're available. Meanwhile, we do have Classic Wool Knickers, James Black Hats, the Four SEason jersey, and more, available in our shopping cart right now.

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