Over-the-Knee Knicker Socks

We searched and we searched, and we couldn't find satisfactory socks to wear with our Classic Wool or >Hemp City knickers, so we had some made to our own specifications. These comfortable, durable wool-blend socks come over the knee (if you're under six feet tall) to assure complete coverage for cold weather, sun, or fussy relatives. You can even (again, if you're under six feet tall) use them as knee-warmers with racing tights. Or fold the top of the cuff down to make them kilt socks!

They look great, forestall chills or sunburn, and provide a bit of compression--the perfect companion to your knickers!

Olive, fit sizes 7-11. They will actually go to size 12 comfortably.
Only $28.50

These socks are best hand-washed cold and dried flat, as are most woolens. Some users (including ourselves) do machine-wash them, but we cannot guarantee they won't shrink under such treatment.

Our socks are made to our design and specifications by The Sock Guy of San Diego, who specializes in cycling socks. They are 37.5% merino wool, 37.5% polypropylene, 15% nylon, and 10% Spandex. The Sock Guy factory is in Alabama.

All socks are somewhat thicker than dress socks and are comfortable, stylish in both dressy and casual environments, and provide a bit of compression to help your legs help you along the road. In truly frigid weather you may want to wear them over tights or light longjohns.

As always, feel free to send comments. Resellers, please visit our Wholesale Inquiries Page.
Photos by Richard Risemberg and Gina Morey

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