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06/04/2010: "The Real Alternative Fuel Vehicle"
Gina & Doughnuts
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The real problem with cars is not just oil, pollution, global warming, and all that; even if they ran on fairy dust, they would still be untenable. The problem with cars is the spatial distortions they require: the vast acreages covered with asphalt for lanes and for parking, the wildernesses and farms destroyed, the watersheds obliterated, the neighborhood crushed for freeways, for ten-lane "streets," for parking garages bigger than the buildings they serve.

...The neighborhoods bisected, the loneliness imposed on people who spend hours a day locked up by themselves in a small box, desperately turning the radio dial or punching the cellphone's buttons in search of faux fellowship.

Fortunately, today celebrates the real alternative fuel for the real alternative fuel vehicle: for today (we are not joking) is...National Doughnut Day!

And that's Gina coming home with a bagful of doughnuts, so we could do our duty as citizens.

Eating doughnuts, riding bikes: the real patriotism!

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