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05/31/2010: "4th Street, Always 4th Street!"
Well, what do you expect? I ride it almost every day, and it is a major bike route here in LA.

So, besides the usual cavernous pothole complex at Hudson, there was a truly classic pothole--that is, one shaped like a large cooking pot and just as deep--one block west of Hudson at June. I went to the Bureau of Street Services' onlline Service Request form and dropped the dime on 'em--but this time including links to snapshots of each pothole.

Fastest response I've ever gotten from them! The potholes are already patched, just four days later....

Unfortunately, they are not very well patched, just a lumpy morass of coldpatch swimming in the eternal streams of lawn overspray and sump-pump effluent that bedevil 4th in that stretch. I doubt they'll last two months, seeing as they're wet 24/7 and that the cars beat up the street pretty bad around there, despite relatively light auto traffic.

So enjoy them while you can. And maybe LACBC will get the 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard approved someday soon, which means both fresh paving and less hammering car traffic on LA's most used bike route...if we're lucky.

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