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05/29/2010: "Bike Town? LA?"
Just maybe....

Bike Town Beta came to our 'hood today, preceded by a flurry of Tweets and Facebook invites, so after a leisurely home-made brunch cooled by mimosas, we saddled up and headed out.

This edition of BTB targeted the area bounded by La Brea, 3rd Street, Fairfax, and Fountain, where we ride a lot anyway, getting groceries or clothes, eating out, or just rolling the bikes on a sweet evening as we love to do; BTB gave it an overlay of purpose, as we were now representin' for bike love--and hoping to meet a few others who were too.

Before we left Gina said she was dreaming of seeing the side streets as filled with bikes and riders as they are in Portland, where we just spent a week checking out the scene--but even a little slice of LA can be a big place to fill, so we didn't see the streets crowded with riders. We did see more bikes than usual, and we did find the Los Angelopes freak-bike party at Plummer Park, where we met both people we knew, and people we came to know, and where a lotta bike love was coming down:

It's a good start. LA is at heart a timid town despite all its bluster; but with folks like Justino of the Valley Bikery bringing his mom and her bike to mingle among the tattoos, the various revolutionary T-shirts, and the Day-Glo hair, this town can only get better!

Justino & Jeannette

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