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05/15/2010: "Stitching the River Ride-Done!"
A good bunch of folks showed up for today's Stitching the River Ride, where we traverse all the classic Art Deco bridges over the Los Angeles River between Chinatown's North Broadway on the north and Olympic Boulevard on the south.

We had two tandems and a trail-a-bike along, a few Rivendells, Chuck's "beater" De Rosa (easily the most immaculate bike there), and a variety of other iron, including of course Gina's nickel-plated "Vivian" and my Bottecchia fixie, and (a special treat) Yvonne's rare Hetchins mixte!

After hanging around Chinatown for a while to wait for John, Brian, and Yvonne, who left a bit late, we rolled out for a most pleasurable ride. Below I've mashed together Gina's and my photos in a somewhat primitive Flash slideshow, interspersing pictures of us and our bikes with pictures of the view from the bridges themselves.

We ended with lunch at Via Café, and a stop at Orange 20 on the way home. A great ride through a part of Los Angeles that most residents have never seen....

And there are some more pix, by "Cyclotourist," on his Flickr page, and by Errin V. on his blog.

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