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05/13/2010: "Cafecito Organico"
Cafecito Organico Tower

Cafecito Organico Bike Rack
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It's always nice to find a new place to hang out, especially if it's one that serves good coffee and that makes a little room for bikes. All the more so here in Los Angeles, where "bike friendliness" is most often honored in the breach.... On friends John and Brian's recommendation, we detoured from our usual Wednesday morning brew-and-blither meeting place and rode to Cafecito Organico, up on Hoover in the maze of narrow hill roads where Silverlake tails off into the shabby flats east of Vermont.

All fair-trade organic coffee, reasonable prices, and a charming little outpost with a patio off to one side and a couple more tables set up on the parkway. There's what looks to be a home-made but very handy bike rack, and a lot of friendly people enjoying their coffee, each other, and just being alive. One of the owners lives in the LA Ecovillage, the city's longstanding intentional community where both the LACBC and the Bicycle Kitchen were spawned, so it has a sterling heritage.

It's only a few blocks from Orange 20 and the "Bicycle District," and though it's about six miles from Bicycle Fixation Central, we'll definitely be back.

Another conscientiously bike-friendly coffeehouse to add to the list!

(Pix by Gina!)

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