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05/07/2010: "Is Bicycle Fixation a Virus?"
I ask because we seem to be spreading...starting this month, we'll be blogging on the urban cycling scene once a week or so at Orange 20, whose brick-and-mortar was our first clothing retailer and which helped create the "Bicycle District" at the corner of Heliotrope and Melrose, now known as "Hel-Mel."

We will not simply be repeating posts from this blog, either, but writing (and photographing) original material with generally a closer-to-home focus specifically for the 20, so...why don't you click on over and see my first post, which hit their website today: A Park in the Walk.

Add 'em to your aggregator. 'Cuz there's no defense against the new urban cycling virus...and there never will be!

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