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05/06/2010: "Classic Wool Knickers Back in Stock!"
Our Classic Wool Knickers are back in stock in sizes 30 to 40 in True Black (with bronze gusset) and in sizes 30 to 36 in Olive (black gusset). The Olive is one of our traditional short runs in a variant color, so will not last; get 'em while you can!

These are 100% wool gabardine for versatility, elegance, and strength, and will keep you comfortable and lookin' good in just about any weather. There is a whole wide world between racer lycra and retro tweed, and our Classic Wool Knickers will have you cycling through it in understated style. You'll find yourself riding more--to work, to stores, to restaurants, to events.

Our customers' testimonials say it all!

Check 'em out: Classic Wool Knickers.

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