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04/05/2010: "New Books Page; Bicycle Kitchen Benefit"
We've put up a small books page, linked to our Amazon account so you buy them through the Big A, who gives us a small commission on each sale. It's small, as we're including only books we've actually read, and of course we limit it to works having to do with bicycling or urban design. (We read a great deal, but mostly biography and history these days.) We'll add books as we read them. Check out the current list here.
Bicycle Kitchen 5 Year Party Spoke CardMeanwhile, yesterday was the first Sunday of the month, so time for Chuck Schmidt's Vintage Ride--and this time Gina came along. She's not quite up to the door-to-door I favor, so we took a couple of Metro trains Red Line then Gold Line), chatting up a couple of fellow cyclists on the latter, then enjoyed a tranquil 25-mile loop with the vintage crew.

On the way home we detoured to the Bicycle Kitchen Benefit Barbecue behind Orange 20. You paid five bucks to help celebrate the Kitchen's 5 year anniversary at Hel-Mel--five years of helping riders get on two wheels, and in fact of helping define bike culture in LA.

We bought a couple of home-brewed beers, and Gina had a burger, while yer editor being a vegetarian for the last 44 years confined himself to guacamole and a pastry or two. And we watched the lads and lassie play on their trick bikes while we chatted up our friends under cool gray skies. A nice end to a great day.

We rode home on familiar streets, feeling good in our bones.

Happy Birthday, Bicycle Kitchen! Wishing you many more!

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