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02/20/2010: "Bakfiets Road Test Coming Soon"
Just a little teaser here.... We are road-testing a Gazelle Cabby bakfiets right now, and should have a report in two or three weeks. So far, we've loaded it with Gina and a bag of stuff she was taking to the Goodwill drop-off, and this morning a load of no fewer than seventeen framed photographs--including some large art prints in 30" x 40" frames--and a big bag of old shoes. There's a snapshot of the latter load below:

Loaded Bakfiets

Those frames had glass, and the roads here are bumpy, but (with the help of some old towels for padding) the Cabby carried them safely home.

While by no means a zippy bike, it's remarkably easy to handle even loaded up. Keep your eye on this blog for an announcement of the full report, once we've put the thing through its paces.

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