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02/18/2010: "More about the 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard Project"
The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is moving steadily ahead in its effort to have LA's 4th Street designated the city's first bicycle boulevard. (And in fact yer editor has been helping a little bit....) There have been outreach rides, visits to neighborhood councils, articles in local papers, and a little nagging of politicians and bureaucrats, with more to come. Why? In the LACBC's own words:
The atmosphere created by bicycle boulevards is one that is inviting to bicyclists, pedestrians, and all users of the road alike. Neighbors can once again enjoy their streets together, no longer threatened by speeding automobiles--with some through car traffic diverted, the drivers that do use the streets are your neighbors, traveling at neighborly speeds. Residents can reclaim a landscape that has in the last few decades been almost entirely usurped by the car: in most western US cities pavement has covered up to 70% of the urban landscape. With bicycle boulevards there are opportunities to have more trees, permeable pavement, traffic circles, mini-parks and other amenities.
Read more on the LACBC website, where there's also an email link to Dorothy Le, in case you want to lend a hand.

Portland, Berkeley, Long Beach, and a bunch of other US cities have already beat LA to the punch; it's our turn now!

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