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01/08/2010: "Tired Tires...."
I'm of two minds about this whimsical collective sculpture saw yesterday at Hel-Mel, while visiting Orange 20 Bikes, one of our local dealers.

Worn Out Bike Tires at Hel-MelMy first thought on seeing that garland of worn-out tires was that really, they ought to be recycled, whether into bags and purses (as is becoming popular lately; see for example Totally Tubular), or into road resurfacing glop, or something.

But then I thought that in this instance, the message was perhaps more important than the matter, at least for now.... After all, what this growing wreath of worn-out treads really signifies is really significant: it affirms just how much more people in Los Angeles are riding their bicycles these days! It seems as though it was only two or three weeks ago that it wasn't there.

I wonder whether perhaps it might serve as a free tire supply for the penurious cyclists, as well, some of the tires having rather a lot of tread left on them. Of course, getting one might be a bit of a chore!

And so I'm glad it's there after all...maybe I'll even add one of my cracked-up Marathons next time I'm in the Bicycle District. I just hope the city doesn't take it down in a misguided (and all too rare, should it happen) fit of tidiness.


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