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01/08/2010: "Bike Parking Matters"
I noticed a few weeks ago, while perusing my archives, that one of my first emails ever was part of a correspondence with LADOT's Bicycle Program Coordinator Michelle Mowery (still on the job); it concerned bicycle parking racks.

All these many years later, LA has around 3500 bike racks on public property--but for a city this size, that is sorely inadequate. To make things easier, LADOT will install bike racks for free (on city property only), if the location meets certain design and use criteria.

The problem is that few people are aware of this program. So local advocacy and outreach group City of Lights, in conjunction with the LACBC, has compiled a guide to help velocitizens (and friendly business owners) through this process.

City of Lights began as a program to provide night lighting and other safety equipment to LA's numerous but often invisible Latino bike commuters, and developed the guide while working with the city to install more bike parking in the city's extremely densely-populated Pico-Union neighborhood (which is more crowded than Manhattan). The result is a concise document that will be useful anywhere there are riders needing to park in the City of Los Angeles.

Read about their labors on their blog, or download the guide directly:

Getting More Bike Parking Racks in Your Neighborhood (PDF)

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