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11/07/2009: "New Brick-and-Mortar Dealer"
Those of you who live in the Northeast Los Angeles area--Lincoln Heights, Highland Park, Mount Washington, Montecito Heights, parts of Eagle Rock and South Pasadena--might want to visit our newest brick-and-mortar retailer, Flying Pigeon LA, run by hardworking bike advocate Josef Bray-Alia and his brother, and their pal John.

They'll be carrying a selection of our clothing designs, including Classic Wool Knickers, Town & Country Shorts, Ninja Road Warrior Jerseys, and knicker socks, so you can try before you buy.

In fact, you should check them out even if you don't need new clothes, since they carry, besides the (in)famous Flying Pigeon city bikes, a variety of cargo and city bikes, including Torker and Batavus, plus their own customs mods of Pigeons and other bikes.

And they're one of the biggest dealers of Schwalbe's super-tough city tires in the west!

Flying Pigeon LA!

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