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11/11/2009: "Knickers at Work"
It's a little hard to see--it's not about the knickers, after all--but here is a pair of our herringbone wool Classic Wool Knickers LLE v2.0 keeping Clayton scott comfy on a 200k brevet up near San Francisco:

Herringbone Knickers on a Brevet

Clayton reports that "They worked wonderfully." Makes me wish I'd kept a pair for myself! (They were a limited edition.)

But of course I have my gabardine Classic Wools; we're a bit low on inventory right now (though we've plenty of 32s for you fit sorts, and a smattering of other sizes as listed on the shopping cart page), but are intending to restock soon. I wear the gabs nearly every day.

Other inventory news: the Four Season Jerseys/Ninja Road Warrior Hoodies you've all been asking after are scheduled to be finished on the 16th of this month. (Of course, in our factory that usually means the 21st...!)

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