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06/15/2009: "All Dressed Up"
All Dressed Up
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Last Saturday, my friend Rook invited me and Gina to shabbat services at Temple Emanuel, where she would receive her Hebrew name and finalize her conversion to Judaism.

I'm not one to stand on ceremony, but since it was a friend, we went; and since it was an Official Big Deal, we dressed up. And since Rook is a retired pro bike racer who still rides a lot--lives carfree in fact--it was only proper to ride our bikes there. (Though if it had been a more conservative congregation it would have been much more proper to walk.)

Gina rode the Milk Runner and wore a conservative pinstriped skirt suit (but said her eyes were tired so wouldn't let me photograph her, dammit! She looked great!) I rode Trevor Wong, the big orange bike, and dressed as you see me in the Crappy Cellphone Picture (complete with too much junk in my pocket).

Socks courtesy of Bicycle Fixation, of course, and knickers a one-off that Gina had made for me, surreptitiously, at my own factory, as a Solstice gift. Same design as our Classic Wools, with a different fabric.

Just thought you vélocouture types out there would appreciate this. It isn't too often you can catch Yer Editor wearing a tie!

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