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01/22/2009: "Classic Wool Knickers Back in Stock!"
Bicycle Fixation's flagship product, the Classic Wool Knicker, is now back in stock in sizes 30 to 40, so if you've been waiting, now's the time to order a pair.

Same price as before! Only $125.00, for 100% wool gabardine, double-stitched for toughness, cut for elegance.... Why not get a pair now?

We'll also be releasing the the LLE2 version, in dark charcoal herringbone wool with a rich black satin gusset, next week, once we get photos; it will cost $175.00. Very elegant (but, elastic-haters note, it still has an elastic insert in the back of the waist to facilitate bicycling.) Watch for it--it's nice!

And of course we've still got a good stock of City Knickers v2.0, the James Black 3-Way hat, and our elegant merino Knicker Socks as well, plus the smaller sizes of the Four Season Jersey/Ninja Road Warrior Jersey still available.

Check us out!

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