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12/12/2008: "Free as a Bird...."
seagulls_small (91k image)
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I photographed these gulls at the Bridge at Playa del Rey, where I rode this morning to hang out with Bill Mendell and his Cannondale. The Bridge, which I call my "church," crosses over Ballona Creek between the South Jetty of the marina and the spit of land between the lagoon and the Pacific. It's part of the South Bay Bike Path and closed to private motor vehicles, and is a wonderful place to spend an hour or two talking, laughing, and watching bikes and riders go by, as well as all kinds of boats most days.

The sun was bright, the air was crisp, the sky and ocean deep blue, and our bikes were waiting for us to get tired of blowing hot air and get back to riding.

Sometimes the highest utility is to go out and enjoy the universe. My kind of practical cycling!

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