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12/15/2008: "Water, Water...."
Well, we finally got some real rain! The last couple wet the streets for a few hours each, but totaled all of 0.02 inches--and we're six weeks into the "rainy" season. So it was refreshing to hear the rain clattering in the downspouts this morning.

It also meant I had to remember where all my rain gear was.

Fortunately, the half-garage where we keep most of the bikes has a Wald basket (one of the slip-on types, which Gina had rejected several bikes ago) hanging on one wall, and if I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else, it's usually there. Out came the Carradice Pro Route, the ragg wool gloves, and the promo baseball cap that keeps the glasses dry. It's Mom Feeding Day (I do all her shopping as well as manage her bills and care), so I threw a couple of canvas shopping bags into the JANDDs, and off I went!

I took it easy--ain't racing, wet or dry--but still I was able to notice decidedly more surefootedness from the Schwalbe Marathons than I'd ever felt I'd gotten from Paselas. Besides plain wet streets, I had to deal with fallen sycamore leaves, pines needles drifted up in the shade, deep puddles, and the usual potholes and other signs of civic infrastructure deterioration. The Marathons were wonderful all around, even on the way from the market to Mom's, with the Bottecchia carrying a heavy rear load, which, being lower of trail, she doesn't care for.

When I left to come back home the storm had moderated to one of my favorite weathers, a light pattering rain that always makes me think of springtime. (Why, I don't know, as it rarely rains in spring out here, and I've lived here most of my life.) The notorious potholes of 4th Street (which I wrote up once) fazed them not at all.

And the cape worked its magic, keeping me almost entirely dry. I was wearing wool, of course: Wool City Knickers v.20 and knicker socks below, and an Italian navy sweater up top, plus the ragg wool gloves.

Nice day all around so far. Tonight will see a little more riding, just after dark.

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