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11/24/2008: "James Black Hat Now in Forest Green"
The James Black 3-Way Hat is now available in forest green wool gabardine, for those days when you feel the need to swerve away from hipster black a bit--or just to match your forest green Wool City Knickers (which we'll be restocking soon!). This color replaces the olive hemp, and is a bit more elegant and quite a bit more durable.

We have only limited quantities available, and only sizes large and extra large--which seem to be what everybody wants. Please check the sizing chart at the bottom of the catalog page! We have provided complete instructions for determining your hat size, which is very easy to do.

Breathable, yet warm in cold weather and cool in warm, non-itchy and versatile, this is the hat to take with you if you can take only one! Pull it down over your ears in the cold; or flip up the back hem to convert it to a standard cycling cap; or just wear it puffy up top if you have big hair! Slips into pocket, purse, or messenger bag when you're off the bike, and, unlike most brimmed hats, it's hand-washable. Fits easily under a helmet or hoodie, too!

In stock now in Dark Charcoal or Forest Green.

The James Black 3-Way Hat. Isn't it your turn to get one?

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