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06/04/2008: "Another Sign of Intelligent Life in the Universe"
Went to my credit union today, in an interesting office building consisting of two stepped brown marble pyramids, with terraces, courtyards, and large sculpture fountains, very nice. They have two bikes racks out front, one in a nook of each pyramid, and they're generally about half-full each day...but today, in this first month of incipient peak-oil gasoline price increases, they were jam-packed!

Bear in mind that this building also has bike racks in the parking structure, and you can understand that attitudes are beginning to change, however belatedly and perhaps reluctantly.

I see a lot more folks wearing office-casual commuting into the 'hood every morning (we are just off Wilshire, an office-heavy street), even in cold or rainy weather. We're on an excellent Rapid bus route too, but folks are choosing to ride.

Let's see what happens....

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